Passion(s) is no longer daytime drama

28 Jan

Are the people around you losing passion for their job? What exactly does passion mean and is it something you should strive for every single day, or, is your job just a paycheck? Passions, the TV soap opera, saw viewership wane and went off the air in 2008 (OK, I confess that I secretly miss those crazy storylines). It seems that passion in the office is slowly eroding market share as well.

I worked for a radio frequency identification (rfid) company a few years ago. Before you ask “what on earth is that?” I will tell you that’s the same thought I had during the interview process. What drew me to the job was the passion displayed by all the employees. I had a good job when I met with this company but loved the idea of working with a team of people who wanted to make a difference in a niche industry that was getting kicked all over the place.

People call rfid technology “spy chips” and you can ask anyone in PR how hard that moniker is to compete against. But my coworkers jumped at the opportunity to prove to legislators, Mom’s in Peoria, and anyone else who would listen that the technology was safe. They rallied against the competition. They stalked their every move and thought their little piece of silicon was heads and shoulders above the competition’s little piece of silicon. And to the average person… it was hard to tell the difference. But none of that mattered! We celebrated the fact that our chip’s performance was better and its overall size was a little bit smaller than the other guy (and when I say smaller, I mean so small that you can only tell via a microscope).

In this economy, are you feeling stuck in your job because the market is drying up? If so, what are you doing to effect some change that will keep you and your coworkers excited? Are you showing them the appreciation they deserve? Or are you acting like sour grapes and not performing to the very best of your ability because you are just trying to coast along?

It’s important to find your professional and personal passion. I never dreamed that I would wake up thinking about semiconductors everyday,  that team proved to me that even the most microscopic subject has the potential for excitement.


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2 responses to “Passion(s) is no longer daytime drama

  1. Jim D.

    January 28, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Very nicely articulated. Yes, we still have tons of passion at Impinj, despite the struggles of the economy and the pressure that may consume our everyday lives. By the way, our chips keep getting smaller and better.


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